In 2018 Voxe planned to launch a new podcast highlighting youth initiatives for democracy across France. To improve the production value of this project they invited us to co-create a sonic identity for it.


Sound Design, Sonic Identity


We had to create a sound design that was reusable, that you could talk over, unique and inspiring.

The soundtrack had to be usable in all social media contexts, all while being still relevant on a longer form for the main podcast.

Process & Research

I worked with Abel Diarra to create a soundtrack that was including voice of inspiring democratic figures.

We first looked at whom was inspiring for the Voxe crew, who these figure were and what was their most impactful talking moments.


Finding snippets of discourses that were relevant to the youth and still coherent together was clearly the most complex part of the project.

Business Impact

Numbers are not provided yet.

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