Briefbox for Crumbs Regenerative Brewing Co.
Crumbs is a fictional brewing company based in Wellington NZ. They're doing beer from bread that would go to waste.


Branding, Visual Identity


The craft beer market is renowned for quite stand out and outlandish illustrative labels. Although Crumbs wasn't opposed to this style in general, they'd rather steer clear of anything too illustrated or quirky for their label. Crumbs prefered to explore a pattern or perhaps a typographic pattern, as to allow the brand to be the main focus.

Process & Research

Process description coming soon.


The typographic solution was built by derivating "Tiny" made by Velvetyne.
Tiny being made of tiny dots that could represent the different crumbs you would use to make the beer.
I changed the general structure of characters to balance it for a use on the beer bottle.

Business Impact

You're now scrolling through my portfolio, making this a business win for me. The Brewery doesn't exist, this is a spec project to research capabilities and explore new disciplines that I could implement as a service.

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